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Beamer is revolutionising the way Businesses get the attention of their customers using DOOH Taxi top advertising. Get early access today!

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Our drivers  operate in the heart of cities where there is high footfall for maximum visibility.


Dynamic, Cultural, Economic Hub

Abuja (Coming soon)

Capital, Prestigious, Political Center

Port-harcourt (Coming soon)

Industrial, Commercial, Thriving Hub

Target Audience
by Location

Beamer Precision Targeting empowers brands to reach people where other media formats cannot, during the moments that matter most.

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Measurement & Attribution

Beamers Measurement & Insights solution provides meaningful analytics on your campaigns so that you can measure ROI.

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Dynamic Content Serving

Beamer serves high-quality, customisable ads based on dynamic content triggers like location, weather, live events, product launches, and many more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
What is Beamer?
Beamer is a digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising platform that utilises a network of taxi top billboards to help businesses reach their target audience effectively. We provide a dynamic and eye-catching advertising solution that stands out in urban environments and drives engagement with your brand.
How does it work?
Beamer by displaying advertisements on our network of taxi top billboards, which are strategically placed in high-traffic areas throughout the city. Businesses can create dynamic and engaging ad content that is displayed to thousands of potential customers as they navigate the city streets.
Why should i choose Beamer for my advertising needs?
Beamer offers a revolutionary advertising solution tailored to the unique market conditions of Nigeria. With Nigerians spending significant time in traffic, our taxi top billboards provide an unparalleled opportunity to capture their attention and engage with your brand effectively. Unlike traditional advertising methods that can be easily ignored or blocked, Beamer's ads cannot be missed or avoided, ensuring maximum visibility and impact for your campaigns. By choosing Beamer, you can reach your target audience where they spend a considerable amount of their time, driving brand awareness and engagement like never before.
What are the benefits of advertising with Beamer?
- Maximum Visibility: With Nigerians spending significant time in traffic, Beamer's taxi top billboards ensure your ad is seen by thousands of potential customers every day.
- Unblockable Ads: Beamer's ads cannot be blocked by ad blockers, guaranteeing your message reaches your audience effectively.
- Real-Time Engagement: Our dynamic ad displays capture immediate attention, increasing engagement and potential conversions.
- Targeted Advertising: Reach the right audience at the right time with Beamer's ability to target specific locations and demographics.
- Cost-Effective: Transparent pricing ensures you only pay for the duration and number of batches you need.
How do I create an ad campaign with Beamer?
Creating an ad campaign with Beamer is easy! Simply contact our team to discuss your advertising goals and target audience. We'll work with you to design engaging ad content that captures your brand message and resonates with your audience. Once your campaign is ready, we'll schedule it to be displayed on our network of taxi top billboards at the times and locations that best reach your target audience.
Can I track the performance of my ad campaigns with Beamer?
Yes! Beamer provides weekly reporting to help you track the performance of your ad campaigns. Our reports will show you how many times your ad was displayed and in which locations it appeared. While we don't offer real-time reporting at the moment, our weekly reports will provide valuable insights into the reach and visibility of your campaigns, allowing you to assess their effectiveness and make informed decisions for future advertising strategies.
How much does it cost to advertise with Beamer?
At Beamer, we offer competitive and transparent pricing for our dynamic advertising solutions. The cost to advertise with Beamer is N15,000 per hour of screen time. Your ads will be strategically distributed across our network of taxi-top billboards, ensuring they reach your targeted audience effectively. This pricing includes advanced targeting options to meet your specific criteria and comprehensive tracking tools to measure your campaign's success. Get in touch with us to start boosting your brand's visibility today!